Working alongside architects to deliver great projects.

Combining latest product and industry knowledge with design.

An opportunity for a true partnership!

After ten years in the glazing business we’ve learnt a lot. One of those things is that working closely with architects is an approach which is of benefit to all, especially the end-user. We have a great respect for the amount of training and experience it takes to be a good architect, it makes us proud that we can add value to the home design process by contributing our up-to-date product knowledge.

Most architects we work with send in the outline plans via PDF and we look them over and give practical advice on how the glazing options can be improved, economised or made to meet regulations.

Acting effectively as a connection between builder and architect, we can offer great advice with far greater flexibility than most glazing suppliers. Because we stock several ranges across all of the major materials (PVC, timber and aluminium) we can be make sure that what we advise is well-informed and flexible to the constraints of a project. We can help make the end product more realistic and affordable and help to make the design and build team look extremely well-informed in the eyes of their clients.

Our plan review service is free of charge. We think of it as a feasibility test prior to construction, we can help re-shape the project so that the openings in the design are well-suited to the availability of the glazing products. We can also help to ensure that legal requirements are met with regard to U values.

We’d like to welcome architects to our showroom for a chat and to see our ranges. We’d also be very interested to hear if architects would be interested in attending RIBA accredited courses run by glazing suppliers here at our showroom.

Find out more about Architects or simply ask us a question!
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