Sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors, doors wide open to wide, open spaces.

Feel the fresh air! Aluminium sliding doors from two leading manufacturers.

Sliding doors have extra large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This design maximises any natural light, ensuring that you can enjoy floodlit interiors throughout the day. Windows Etc is proud to supply the UK’s best domestic sliding doors.

Our range of sliding doors incorporate new technology, ensuring smooth operation for years to come. Strong stainless steel rollers mean that huge panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg can be easily moved . No tugging, heaving or pushing. Moving the doors is not a workout. They slide and glide effortlessly.

  • Great garden access
  • Maximise natural light
  • Compact, secure and flexible
  • Stunning to look at!
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