Home by the Sea

A breath taking project from Windows Etc using Origin products throughout.

Minimal masterpiece, with stunning statements.

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Down a lane, between pleasant but slightly unassuming houses lies this beguiling property. The owners have chosen a singular spot overlooking an estuary on the Suffolk coast, remote and yet attached, idyllic and with a house so perfectly in tune with its surroundings.

Styled in the Suffolk vernacular of soft reds, flint, clay tiles and black weatherboard, this home is perfectly complimented by the understated and graceful aluminium windows from Origin. The statement piece strikes one from the moment the property is seen, a two-storey asymmetric gable frame with a neat transom at floor height.

The open hallway as one enters is simply stunning, the roof-height glazing is even more striking from the inside, the way it sucks in the light and frames the exterior, the manner in which it frames the oak staircase and draws the eye to the gallery above. The window almost talks to the light feature as if the glazing is somehow in balance with the decor.

One cannot help but be drawn in by the open plan arrangement and the sublime minimal sliding doors which enfold a wonderful view of the estuary with the least possible intrusion, dare we say, the presence of the aluminium adds composition to the view with its aesthetically satisfying thirds.

The sitting room is no less stunning for having simply ‘windows’ – the absence of mullions or transoms allow the three windows to form a neat ever-changing triptych , balanced on the opposite side of the house by the charming window seat. One can imagine perching there with a book, and feeling utterly connected to the outside and yet in a smaller, more private scale.

The remarkable balcony is graced with further sliding doors, this time from aïr, opening with ease and allowing the lucky occupants of the master bedroom to segue into the estuarine vista with complete ease.

We love this property, and what we’ve achieved with the glazing alongside a talented design and build team and the outstanding products from Origin.

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