Style Costs Nothing

Flush sash windows in PVC, setting a new style definition for the replacement window.

Clean profiles, a move away from the ordinary.

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The ubiquitous white PVC window. Seen in all places, known to all, literally the common understanding of ‘double-glazing’. And yet, these windows are not the run-of-the-mill white PVC. These Duraflex flush-sash windows set a new trend for the white PVC window. The flat profile gives a modern, minimal look, usually associated with more costly aluminium windows. Our customers will be delighted to know that the cost difference between the traditional profiles and these superb new flush sash profiles is negligible.

This project features the Duraflex flush sash windows in smooth white and the rear of the property shows a Duraflex stormproof sash back door and French doors. Let’s not forget the Solidor front entrance featuring the Ultion lock for additional security.

If you’re looking to replace your windows and would like all the benefits of high performance with a minimal look and feel, search no longer!

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