A Square Without Corners

Innovative cornerless bi-fold doors

Stunning aluminium offset bifold doors bring the outside even closer.

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We’ve often spoken, in our projects, of bringing the outside in. No project we can think of does this more so than this one. In this beautiful split-level kitchen extension, the owners have opted for offset bifold doors in order to truly reveal the outside space with as little interruption as possible.

An unobtrusive steel pillar carries the weight of the first floor, allowing the corner to open into the garden. The main section of doors, four leaves wide, allow a regular traffic door for easy access. The shoot bolts can be released to sweep back the first three leaves, and for full, stunning effect, the slave door will open and rotate through 270 degrees to fold back at the opposite end of the aperture, leaving the space flowing freely from kitchen to garden and allowing views in all directions. These innovative doors are from Origin, and have been powder coated with toning handles in anthracite.

We had the idea of opening the whole space out

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