Pool House Rules

Aluminium Bifolds, Windows and Doors

One-off style in this project, aluminium used to stunning effect.

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A pool house – what could it be? A new England style timber clad? Not here? This project oozes the style of Scandinavia and the opulent feel of 1920s art deco. The pool house, naturally, sits atop an outdoor pool, facing onto geometric tiles and looking across into a serene bucolic valley. The build itself warrants comment, the timber cladding has been scorched, bringing the grain into full effect and introducing the dark ash colour into the mix of the weathering silver of the timber. The aïr bifold doors, with face-fixed astragal bars, to add to the Scandi effect. Imagine, folding these doors back and enjoying the surroundings; the lucky owners have this opening from a small gym, which benefits from the stunning setting.

The doors (also from aïr) and windows (Smarts Heritage 47) are flawlessly matched to the bifolds, the glazing is dark, yet slim and unobtrusive, and the face-fixed astragal bars add to the spectacle rather than detracting from the view, since the bars are identical and perfectly aligned. It’s almost as if the view has been divided into some sort of golden ratio to enhance the composition on offer outside.

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