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Bifolds and a stunning roof lantern

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Kevin McCloud, known for his pearls of wisdom on home design, says,

‘I don’t look at what people do with their homes in terms of money, but the social and personal value of what they’re trying to do and achieve.’

This project is all about achievement, the end goal. The owner of this home wanted nothing more than full and easy access into the garden or near the garden, in the shelter of the orangery-styled day-room. The end goal is neatly embodied in the view from the front door, down the passageway and out, into the garden in one unbroken line of sight.

The project is predicated on a remodel of the kitchen and conservatory, with a fundamental aim to open up the space, doorways, and outside apertures for ease of use. The twin set of bifolds sweep back to leave two elevations completely open to the garden, meaning it can be enjoyed in all weathers, fully open in the summer or closed in the colder months and yet with a full view of all aspects of the ‘secret garden’ styling.

The addition of a roof lantern brings in the sun or diffused light from above. The Activ Blue glass reduces solar gain, and coupled with the integral blinds, (no need for dusting), the room is comfortable in all temperatures. The owners have made the sensible choice of an odd amount of leaves to facilitate the traffic door which can be used for daily simple egress, without opening the entire set.

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