Open house

Amazing seven-leaf aluminium bifolds

It’s all about family and garden.

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When we alter our homes, the driver is usually the difference it will make to our lives. This project is no different in that respect, its aims are clearly stated; the things that are most important to us in terms of our house layout is our family and the garden. Like so many modern families with teens, a special space is required where everybody can be ‘separate together’ if you’ll forgive the oxymoron.

The owners wanted to be able to socialise, relax, cook, work, study with a view to being able to enjoy the indoor and outdoor space at the same time. There was no compromise in place here – the choice was bifolds for the simple reason that they are the only solution to fully reveal such a large aperture. Some might have opted for sliding doors but in this case it would have defeated the object of having seamless access to the garden.

When you have the option of seven leaves, there are plenty of different ways the doors can be configured. The odd number allows for the traffic door for regular entrance and exit. Here we see a 7-7-0 configuration where all of the leaves fold across to the left. This was chosen so that, when folded back, the doors would not obstruct the view of the garden. We worked closely with the homeowners to ensure that the supports into the joists fell in the same places at the door frames in order to ensure a sleek finish.

This impressive rear extension exudes the feel of being away from it all and a real sense of connection with the outdoor space.

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