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A pool house with some beautiful Smarts Aluminium glazing.

The Smarts aluminium is the perfect aesthetic choice for the cart lodge oak.

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The Pool Transformation

The owners of this exquisitely designed pool house embarked on a remarkable journey as they undertook a supported self-build project. With unwavering determination, they laid the foundations and eagerly awaited the arrival of a unique self-build cart-lodge kit,  with a centre bay wider than its adjacent counterparts, creating a captivating asymmetrical centre door.

Upon its completion, the visual impact is nothing short of breathtaking. A harmonious blend of traditional soft red stock bricks, the warmth of green oak, the allure of slate shingles, and the sleekness of aluminium glazing effortlessly merge, resulting in an architectural masterpiece that skilfully balances the charm of the past with the innovation of the present.

Situated in a location known for its exposure to the elements, the need for a sheltered cart lodge was evident from the project’s inception. The owners sought to create a haven that would allow them to relish the enchanting surroundings while remaining shielded from nature’s forces.

Smart Aluminium Window and Doors

To achieve this vision, they turned to the expertise of Smarts Aluminium, a renowned name in the industry. The carefully chosen solution featured magnificent bifold doors for the centre, expertly complemented by two fixed aluminium windows on either side. Further enhancing the design, two generously proportioned fixed windows adorned the adjacent elevations. A single side sliding door, gracefully accompanied by two flanking windows, completed the ensemble, adding a touch of convenience and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Through meticulous planning and a collaboration of inspired ideas, the owners successfully brought their vision to life, transforming their pool house into an inviting sanctuary where elegance and functionality harmoniously coexist.


The owners held a strong preference for bifolds that elegantly folded to just one side, ensuring a seamless and efficient design for their pool house. After careful consideration, they opted for the 3-3-0 configuration, featuring generously proportioned leaves that accommodated a convenient traffic door on one side while offering the ease of folding away in a single section.

Recognizing the challenges associated with working with green oak, a material known for its propensity to expand, twist, and contract, the owners proactively collaborated with the esteemed professionals at Windows Etc to overcome this hurdle. Together, they tackled the unique demands posed by green oak, with a keen focus on finding solutions that would adapt to its natural behavior. As a result, the glazing components were intentionally produced slightly under-size to allow for size variation, with meticulous attention given to the inclusion of matching trim that seamlessly concealed any expansion gaps.

Happy Customers

The owners were thrilled with the outcome, expressing their utmost satisfaction and admiration, saying, “We cannot speak highly enough of Windows Etc.” They particularly highlighted the exceptional craftsmanship of the fitting team, as well as the outstanding communication provided by the Windows Etc office staff, which significantly contributed to their overall positive experience.

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We worked closely with Windows Etc to ensure that the glazing would function well with an oak frame and all of the size variations it brings.

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