Colchester Edwardian

A beautifully transformed space.

Bifold doors can open up spaces in period homes.

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Ok, the project started with a beautiful house but this project is a testimony to finish. The modern kitchen returns on Edwardian houses are notoriously dark and extension projects need to give this careful consideration when planning out the final goal. The combination of two adjacent glass sections is striking. Again, the Smarts bifold doors make an effortless opening, allowing a full reveal of the interior during the warmer months. The Smarts Alitherm 300 bifold design allows for sections to act simply as a door, allowing simple egress during the winter.

The clever juxtaposition of the exposed brickwork and the stunning glazing brings about a gentle oscillation of interior and exterior space leaving the occupants feeling warm and yet somehow out in the open air. Seamless finishing across the sliding thresholds creates a perfect blend from one environment to the other.

  • Great garden access
  • Maximise natural light
  • Compact, secure and flexible
  • Stunning to look at!
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smarts Aluminium Bifolds
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