Slide into a transformation

A late 20th century house opened up into a light and airy space.

Silding doors bring the outdoors indoors.

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There’s no other word for it, this extension is glorious. As you step through from the front entrance hall the whole house opens up into a swathe of light, flooding in from the vast expanse of glass across the back. It’s not just light either. These elegant aluminium sliding doors spill every colour from the garden into the living area in a seamless arrangement of inside and outside space.

The open plan living area itself is beautifully presented but the strength and minimal design of the sliding doors gives the space a cinematic coherence. The doors glide open with ease, making this the coolest room in the summer and the warmest room in the winter. The social connection between outside and in is at its best when entertaining, the kitchen area blends into the dining room as if they were part of the same space.

  • Great garden access
  • Maximise natural light
  • Stunning to look at!
  • Easy to maintain
  • aïr sliding doors
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