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Roseview Heritage Vertical Sliding Windows, Smarts bifolds, Solidor Composite Doors

A modern classic farmhouse with Roseview Heritage Vertical Sliding Windows, Smarts bifolds, and Solidor Composite Doors.

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There’s no denying it, this property is grand, and so it should be. Resting at the pinnacle of the local geography, this farmhouse overlooks swathes of North Essex fields, and the one thing this area is famous for; vast skies. The architecture is understated and this home exudes a quiet, comfortable confidence that it is both modern and old. It achieves this easy grace through an excellent choice of materials throughout.

The red stock bricks, red peg tiles, the use of green oak, black timber feather-edge weatherboard, and the sandstone window sills, provide the local vernacular, and the doors and glazing compliment the entire effect.

To the front of the property you’ll find UPVc vertical sliding windows, from the Charisma Rose Range in a cream woodgrain.

These windows are simply amazing, they look and feel like traditional sash windows, and yet offer the U values of a modern window. The UPVC window foil finish has a woodgrain effect and they bear close scrutiny when compared to timber sash windows. Of course, they have none of the upkeep requirements of the traditional timber sash. The astragal bars add that touch of tradition, and a lovely geometry to the front of the house, not to mention the brushed finish finger lifts, like an authentic sash!

The front door is a beautiful, broad, black Solidor offer style, safety and security to the home, set back into a covered porchway, flanked by two full-length windows. It is rather neatly accompanied by a floor to ceiling frosted panel adjacent to the door, to allow the light to flood into the hallway.

To the rear of the property, we find the tradition segue to the modern, timber-style windows are eschewed in favour of modern aluminium bifolds from Smarts with Smarts fixed frames to complete the aluminium look around the rear glazed area. The three leaf arrangement allows for the permanent traffic door for ease of ingress and egress throughout the year. The powder coated finish is a splendid compliment to the traditional black feather-edge to the building’s side-elevation.

For us, the true glory of the project was found in the picture window at the landing. A triptych window from Duraflex, glazed into the impressive gable floods light and ambience across the upper floor, and offers a spectacular view out into the golden corn and endless Essex skies. As one climbs the stairs, there’s a sense that we’re in a modern home, and yet somehow in a rustic hayloft, looking out into the arable pastures and enjoying the craftsmanship of the oak roof timbers.

In all, this property is a triumph and a testimony to the vision of the builders, and the symphony of materials used to create such a homely farmhouse.

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