House of Pane

A truly stunning barn conversion with some of the largest glazing available.

This home is a delight of light. The full-size glazing is a wonderfully functional tribute to the original structure. 

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Let’s start at the front door of this beautiful home, which greets us with a traditional barn style, typical of Essex vernacular architecture, featuring dark featheredge cladding. The Spitfire front door, finished in RAL 9005 Matt Black, is the perfect complement to the exterior finish, offering a striking contrast without feeling out of place. The door and full-height sidelite are crafted in one aluminum frame, creating a sleek and seamless look across the entire opening.

Next to the door, we can see the Smarts Heritage window, also finished in RAL 9005. Its slim sightlines complement the minimal look of the door, and the two elements work together beautifully.

The open-plan living area is truly breathtaking. Its grandeur is understated, with simple lines and a vast expanse of glass that allows the setting to speak for itself. The enormous piece of glass was carefully installed by our expert team using a Seniors curtain wall screen with lower bifolds made from Seniors aluminium to match. The three-leaf bifolds are ideal because the odd number of leaves allows homeowners to use one door as a traffic door. The full height of the screen draws the eye to the chimney and allows light to fill the gallery above without being obtrusive.

The full-height Heritage 47 windows in the seating area are also not to be missed. Aged timber works beautifully with sleek aluminium, creating a stunning contrast. The kitchen boasts beautiful 3-leaf bifolds and a single back door from Smarts, finished in the same RAL 9005 Matt Black as the other components. The sink features gorgeous Heritage 47 glazing split into three panes with art-deco style window furniture.

The study is another masterpiece of glazing, with a triptych window that features a sizeable pane in the center flanked by two smaller opening casements, all with lovely art deco handles. Upstairs, the master bedroom features a glass Juliette balcony and open-in French doors with a white foil finish to the interior and RAL 9005 exterior. The other bedrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows in the same style as the downstairs seating area.

Throughout the barn, there are more examples of appropriately frosted Heritage 47 windows that provide privacy in certain areas. The entire project is a feast for the eyes, and the modern glazing is a superb tribute to the old Essex building.

The open-plan living area is stunning, the light from the full-size pane and bifolds brings the outside in, in a very literal sense.

  • Heritage 47 Windows
  • Smarts Heritage 6000 Bi-folds
  • French Doors
  • Spitfire s500 Front Door
  • Seniors Curtain Wall Screen
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