Pool Slides

An incredible project for a home and a stylish leisure outbuilding

The whole gamut; sliding doors, bi-fold doors, flush sash windows, stable doors…

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On the outskirts of an Essex Village we find this renovation project coming to a close in style. We have to say, it’s been a big one! Starting with the house, we have installed flush sash windows throughout both floors. These windows have beautiful slim profiles and have been finished in anthracite to the exterior and white to the interior. The fittings are sleek and modern brushed aluminium.

The upstairs bathroom is a feature, surrounded on all sides by glazing which had been fitted with internal Venetian blinds for privacy and ease of operation (and lack of dusty blinds!). Two of the main bedrooms have Juliette balconies overlooking the lawn.

Downstairs boasts a high-security double-width composite door again finished in the grey-white interior-exterior as the windows. The kitchen and games room benefit from French doors and the utility room doffs its cap to the country location with the addition of a composite stable door.

Moving out to the leisure area we are left with a Windows Etc feast for the eyes. The entrance to the pool is graced with split bifolds which means that access is either through a double door in the centre throughout colder months or for full impact, the doors can be fully opened to reveal the full width of the swimming pool. To the front and rear of the pool area we see some bespoke glazing in the form of a gable frame which lends itself to the geometry of the building.

To either side there are additional rooms, namely a gym and a lounge/bar area, partitioned by sliding doors to the interior, the sliding door track is fitted flush to the floor so there’s nothing to snag bare feet on when moving from pool to gym. These rooms also benefit from the wide-open access offered by three-leaf bifolds to the garden and games area.

All in all, a rather satisfying project!

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