Skylit Masterpiece

A country home with roof lanterns and bifold doors.

Set in the rural idyll, this period property connects its wide open inside to its wide open outside.

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One might be forgiven for thinking that this property needed no real improvement.

Set underneath vast Essex skies and nestled in a perfect English country garden the inside simply begged to be re-connected with the garden. The generous proportions of the rooms and depth of the house, even with a double aspect, demanded that this extension project would need to make as much of natural light as possible. What could have been a long, dark space is simply bathed with light from the roof lantern; a perfect space to relax and entertain, or in this case, play musical instruments. The bifolds sweep back to reveal and frame Constablesque views. Not wishing to spoil the natural aesthetic, the exterior of the roof lantern is a dark grey, matching the doors, allowing the minimal sightlines to blend in with the roof without a visual impact on the property.

More sky, less roof, what more could one ask for?

Light from above is the best. From the inside roof lanterns can give a traditional feel albeit with a contemporary look. There are also options to remove transom bars to give even more light. For large spaces, consider two lanterns to mark out areas or consider one large lantern to give more of an orangery atmosphere. Blu activ glass is fitted as standard to reduce heat loss in winter and solar gain in summer. For improved thermal performance, triple glazing is also an option.

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