Total Conversion

An old cottage completely re-built into the modern paradigm.

The bifold doors allow fluid access for play and entertaining.

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Once a small property on a large plot, this home has been completely re-built to the new owners’ requirements. This rare opportunity has allowed a re-think of the entire home and how the space functions as well as a consideration of the front and rear aesthetics.

The front of the property has been designed in sympathy with the surrounding, more traditional homes in this quiet country setting using a cream foil finish to soften the impact that a high white might have delivered. The bay windows have been re-created in a modern durable PVC with excellent U values and the front door has been re-instated in a traditional design but in a composite material for strength, wear and security.

The rear of the property is where things really come alive. Like other modern houses, this is a family home and the spaces need to work well around family life. Two sets of bi-folding doors allow excellent and easy egress into the garden all year round and can sweep back to reveal the entire open-plan living space and flood light into what is a fairly deep room. The playroom also adopts the easy facility of bifold doors, allowing the children to combine seamless indoor and outdoor play (when the grown ups want them to!)

Upstairs gives the rare yet often desired feature of a Juliette balcony facing onto the back lawn allowing light and fresh air into the main bedroom.

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