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Smarts Alitherm Heritage 47

Evoking Art Deco.

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We’ve been waiting for this project for what seems like a long time, but finally it’s here, the opportunity to produce a case-study on the stunning Heritage 47 range from Smarts. Set on the edges of one of England’s most heritage rich villages, this home finds itself slightly juxtaposed, since it is within a recently built housing estate. The homeowner’s vision is remarkable, we’re not sure if we’ve seen a transformation this effective before, the home is grand without being ostentatious, and yet the extension project delivers an interestingly understated opulence.

Building on from the rear living room, this extension reaches out into the garden space by means of double doors, flanked by glazing either side, allowing the rooms to maintain continuity.

This glazing evokes the sleek lines of Art Deco, and the black powder coating with flat transoms and mullions give a Crittal effect. Stylistically, it’s flawless, reminiscent of a 1920s Palm House.

The extension opens into an airy space, gifted light through the aluminium bifold doors and the euclidian gable glazing. As we have seen with other projects, the door configuration allows for easy daytime traffic, yet fully revealing the room to the outside when required. No less of a feature is the Heritage 47 side door, which leads towards the side of the house.

Moving into the kitchen, we are graced with the well proportioned double doors, and somehow they just seem so right! Despite their durability and strength, nothing about these doors shouts ‘practical’ from a stylistic perspective, they exude taste; how apt for the kitchen! Not to be left out, the kitchen sink window is also in Smarts Alitherm, and the single door to the utility room is about as cool as a single door could ever hope to be.

It is worth noting that, whilst not applicable to this project, Alitherm Heritage is an ideal solution for listed building renovations and replica-refurbishment projects where planning constraints are to be considered.

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