Let there be light

End terrace transformed with a garden terrace.

The extension reaches around the property and seems to grab light from all available angles.

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This archetypal Victorian end terrace has had its most significant change since the Industrial Revolution. A former farm cottage, this property now feels like a space in its own right. The owners have embarked on an ambitious project and have remodelled the house to reach into the garden an pull in light from all directions with incredible aluminium bifold doors.

What was a smaller dark space is now a stunning open plan area with visual demarcations of different areas; dining, cooking, playing. The L shaped profile to the face of the extension adds character and intrigue whilst maintaining a stunning reveal to the garden. The aluminium bifolds are the perfect solution for this space, allowing simple egress into the garden via a traffic door in the cooler months and yet sweeping back fully to a beautiful flush limed oak deck in the summer, perfect for family evenings and entertaining.

Working with Windows Etc did not end there, the property is secured with a modern yet traditional composite door.

  • Great garden access
  • Maximise natural light
  • Stunning to look at!
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smarts Bifolds
  • Solidor
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