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Smarts Alitherm 300 and Duraflex

The Ultimate Open Space.

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It’s hard to know where one should begin with this project, it’s simply breathtaking. From the front, whilst grand, the property has a certain beauty in its understated modesty, the glazing is attractive, rather than ostentatious. The PVC Duraflex Stormproof windows are found doing their stalwart job in terms of reliability and character, with the addition of astragal bars for additional interest. Not only that, these Duraflex are whitegrain, which softens the appearance, giving a slightly matt finish.

Stepping through the home, we are instantly struck; the light! It’s quite incredible, flooding the entire open-plan space from every angle, and yet, through some clever architecture, avoiding glare and providing shade where needed.

One of our favourite aspects to this project is the treatment of the corners in the structure. The combination of a 3-3-0 and a 0-3-3 configuration allows the Smarts 1000 Bifolds to open to reveal the corner fully, save the structural pillar. This is cleverly reflected in the Alitherm 300 windows in the kitchen, finished in the same profile and wrapping neatly around the corner of the kitchen work surfaces.

The interceding windows are a dramatic floor to ceiling affair bridging the gap between the two wings of the house beautifully. The dining area benefits again from bifolds but this time in a 4-2-2 arrangement. We absolutely love the picture windows either side of this room, they somehow both connect and remove the dining area from the house at the same time, by allowing it to be easily seen, and yet feeling as though the rest of the house is a view offered only by this room. 

The utility room has a minimalist door, styled in the same profile and colour as the bifolds, with glazing from base to apex.

Moving upstairs we are treated to a rather spectacular galleried landing, with the Duraflex windows providing beautiful natural light to the walkway and entrance hall.

Each of the bedrooms have white PVC Duraflex windows, but the master bedroom is bedecked with the stunning Juliette balcony with Smarts French Doors, tying in with the anthracite bifolds below.

The owners are simply surrounded by a world of glass, we hope you find the same inspiration in this project as we have.

  • Duraflex Stormproof
  • Smarts Alitherm 300
  • Smarts 1000 Aluminium Bifolds
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